Rotary Heat Treatment

Established in 1945, American Metal Processing is one of the largest independent commercial continuous rotary heat treat facilities in the country. We specialize in Rotary Retort Heat Treat Technology which is required for tighter hardness and case tolerances in the Automotive, Heavy Industrial, Military, and Construction Industries.

The Process- Rotary Retort Furnace


AMP's computer-controlled rotary retort furnaces are fed by a two-stage electromagnetic vibratory feeder and scale to ensure accurate feed rates and gentle handling of parts.


Positive endothermic gas pressure and flame curtains protect parts in the furnace from oxidation and scale.


Radiant tubes provide even balanced heat to minimize hot spots and heat variation.


As the spiral Rotary Retort slowly revolves, gravity gently shuffles and conveys parts through the heat zones. The movement of parts through the furnace provides a more consistent and uniform heat treatment of parts than traditional batch or belt style furnaces.


The quench chute is where the majority of the quenchant agitation and martenstic transformation takes place. Its secondary function prevents contaminating quenchant fumes from entering the furnace by means of a cascade.

External view of the Rotary Retort

Interior flights of the Rotary Retort

Furnace chamber of the Rotary Retort